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Meet Cathy Fransisca, the owner of Paper Provision. Cathy is inspired by the contemporary trends in design and fashion industry. You can see it from chic edgy fashion-infused lifestyle designs that she creates. This is made for you, fashionistas! And now let’s talk deeper and know more about Cathy, Paper Provision, and her creative strides.

What’s been keeping you busy these days?
Other than developing and growing Paper Provision, practicing modern calligraphy, brainstorming collaboration or new business ideas, and planning my life for the next 2 years.

Any hobbies?
Instagram, saving hundreds of screenshots to my iPhone, indulge in trashy TV shows, Muay-Thai, trying out new places to eat, and reading inspirational books.

How long since you’ve started working in art and design?
I took Art major in high school (year 2000) and that was the first time I learned about Photoshop. But it wasn’t until I went to Melbourne RMIT University (2002) that I started learning about the foundations of graphic design & the industry practice. So I guess it’s been about 16 years.

Do you remember when was the time that you started drawing?
Probably since I was as little as 7 when Japanese manga ‘Candy-Candy’ was aired on TV, which instilled my first love for art & illustrations. I started drawing every single day and developed my skills in illustrations all throughout high school.

How do you describe your artworks?
Simplistic, chic, typographic, contemporary, fashion-forward. Could be artsy/edgy sometimes when I feel like it.

What makes your artworks unique?
They are inspired by the contemporary trends in design and fashion industry as well as passing trends with a salute to pop culture. Mostly text-based and typographic, with special finishing such as foilings and emboss/deboss. My designs are usually always colorful but for our special collaboration with Printerous I wanted to do an exclusive edgy-chic black and white collections.

What medium do you usually use?
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign. I also use Wacom tablets to create more cursive artworks, Camera Fuji-MX1 for my styled photoshoots & Rhonna Designs App for quick Instagram posts.

Who are your favorite artists?
Kelly Wearstler, Olympia Creative, Erika Brechtel, Garance Dore.

Where do you usually get your inspiration?
Mainly from Fashion, Bridal and Interior Design industry, as well as latest trends/culture I spot on Instagram, but also from whereever or whatever I see that speak to my personal taste.

Can you tell us about some of your accomplishments?
Some proud accomplishments we’ve achieved are we have such a prominent bookstore Aksara to be our no.1 stockist in Jakarta. We also stocked at award-winning Melbourne market ‘The Supercool’. And we’ve been featured by Lilliana Vazquez (Tastemaker, Style Expert and TV Host to ‘The Today Show’ / E! News / Access Hollywood) on her style blog (, and on some international lifestyle blogs like ‘Coffee with Chiara’, coaching blog ‘Conversations with Creatives’ by Shi Chen Coaching, female entrepreneurship blog ‘We Are The Clique’ and Start-up blog Jing Jobs that feature Beijing-expats-turned-entrepreneurs during their stay in China.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
Their mission to support local creatives through entrepreneurship, design & technology for the good of many. Eventhough I’m currently based in overseas (Melbourne & Beijing), Indonesia will always be my first hometown and by joining the program it allows me to connect with the local creatives & audience, support the growing community particularly in the creative business and industry, which ultimately gives me the opportunity to give back to my home community.

How many artworks did you submit to Printerous?
Goal Digger’ for macbook skins and ‘L’AMOUR’ for iphone cases are my favorite cuz I think they’re pretty cool & super chic! I also love the new totebag “My Other Bags Are Chanel” and the special Valentine’s color editions “LOVE around the corner”, Chanel N5 inspired “L’AMOUR N1” and “J’ADORE N1” that I made available in blush, tiffany blue and taupe colors.

Which products do you choose for your artworks?
iPhone cases, macbook skins, notebooks, wall arts and Totebags. I chose them because they are the lifestyle goods that many creatives like me surround ourselves with all the time, ever since we were students growing up until we have own own families. These items have become the constant part of our everyday lifestyle, so it makes sense to produce items that people can use and be surrounded with everyday.

How do you see the development of young artists in Indonesia?
I think it’s fast growing not only in number of artists, but most importantly their quality of work as well, have caught up with international standards and industry, which is a great thing because it will affect how the world sees Indonesia in a positive way, that in turn will open more doors to collaborate with other countries.

Any plan for near future?
To collaborate with other creatives such as calligraphers and event planners, and hopefully other small businesses in relevant industries. To grow my audience in Australia & Asia, ultimately North America & Europe as well. Basically, I want Paper Provision to be internationally recognised.

Shoutout to other artists?
When we don’t know better we learn by copying others, but once we find our own style, voice & direction for our brand, commit to create original designs that stem from our own idea development and make sure they don’t appear too similar to our inspirations. And once your work gets picked up by alot of people, focus on building your company and ignore the haters who like bringing others down through online bullying.

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