3 Tips to Take Better Holiday Pictures

Vacation equals spending money. It would be such a waste considering that much of money spent, the holiday moments are passed by just in a blink. Photos change everything, though. One second of pressing the camera button and memories will be kept forever.

As a matter of fact, two people could go to the same location, bring the same type of camera, but produce different photos with totally opposite qualities. One would make you want to jump into the screen and be there directly, while the other would probably make you think that the place is worse than it actually is.

So, how do you make the best of your pictures, like the first described and not the latter?

  • Be more adventurous

Most travel spots are already intriguing enough to be set as the background or even the object of your picture. You might be tempted to seek the one exact spot everyone is queueing to take pictures at, as that is where the hype is. But here’s a tip: for better pictures, push yourself off the limits. Climb over that fence. Walk a little bit further into the woods. Do things that nobody else is doing, and get a unique perspective for your photo. Just don’t get yourself into excessive danger. If you decide to go to the extent of breaking rules—just don’t get caught.    


  • Travel with companion

Landscape views could indeed reflect the natural beauty of the Earth, but nothing could connect to the human soul other than humans themselves. People create a feeling. They add emotions. People also act as a sense of scale. If you want to emphasize how big a building is, put people as the size comparison. Travel with friends or family, and drag them into your photo.


  • Shoot moments, not poses

Try approaching your photo subjects in documentary style. There is nothing wrong with people smiling right into your camera, but if you can, capture them out of their awareness. This way, you’re capturing them while they are just being themselves. It depicts the real holiday moments better.  


Holiday is not all about taking pictures, though. Sometimes you need to take time to cherish your holiday moments with your loved ones. Don’t get too focused solely on capturing pictures and end up not enjoying your time together with them. Take enough pictures, and then put down your camera.

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