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William Sudhana is a social media enthusiast who is really passionate in foodphotography. He loves to explore new and interesting places to eat good food. Not just that, he always shares his experience of finding culinary gems on social media. Will has such a massive heart for his snapshots of food and daily life, yet social media alone is not big enough for him. He believes that the traditional way of printing your snapshots is the ultimate way to make him feel content.

 Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background?
Hi, my name is William Sudhana. I am currently building my own business as Social Media Consultant in daily basis and also as Social Media Influencer too. As digital plays major role in current business, I have seen opportunities to bridge brands and consumer to meet in proper and interesting social media content.

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What Printerous products have you bought so far?
I have bought Tote Bag, Photo Book and Canvas at Printerous Moments.

Could you please share with us ‘the story behind the picture’?
Using all photos I have taken through my lens, I decided to design them to Printerous products. All the pictures simply share my interest in photography about my daily life. I love to eat, I love to travel, and I love to picture things around me. Voila, here they are.

Which product is your favorite? Why?
I love printed photo book so much. Having your artwork in printed form is somehow more interesting than only seeing it through the screen. We are living in digital where photos are no longer necessary to be printed, however, Printerous still makes it happen for me to enjoy the printed form of my artwork in high quality manner.

In this digital era, how important for you to have your photos in print?
As I have discussed below, having them printed gives different feeling. It feels more alive to me and simply a moment to enjoy what you have been working on in tangible form.

Why do you choose Printerous to print your memories? Where did you hear about our service?
Printerous provides a high quality products which I can rely on. It has been awhile since I heard of Printerous through Social Media. The presence is somewhat a breakthrough moment for us all. I wish Printerous can maintain this business and keep innovating with more fresh ideas.

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