Abiyasa’s Modesty on His Charming Art

Abiyasa Adiguna Legawa is a 23 years old graphic designer and illustrator from Bandung. He discovered his passion at a very young age, but almost lost it when he was busy exploring his other hobbies. Now Abiyasa creates a calm yet fun & cheerful artworks, also loves to mix unique objects and colors. Let’s know more about Abiyasa and his art!

 What’s been keeping you busy lately?
Doing freelance projects and developing a sketchbook brand with my friend. Also working full time at a Bandung based design company.

 Any hobbies?
Listening to music, lately I’ve been into R&B and urban music so yeah I spend my leisure time browsing for new music. And of course I love drawing and designing, also Instagramming!


When did you start working in art and design?
Since 2011, more or less 5 years. It started since college, when I was a Visual Communication Design student at ITENAS Bandung. But for working as a professional in this field,  started from 2014.

 Do you remember the beginning of your passion in drawing?
The very beginning, started when I was just a 5 years old kid who went to kindergarden. My grandpa used to ask me to draw with him, and it became my hobby until when I was in elementary school. Entered middle school, I happened to try many new things, discovered new hobbies, and forgot about drawing. But then when I was in high school, my friends encouraged me to draw again. So I felt the spark again, to express myself with drawing. And then it just flowed until college and until now.


How do you describe your artworks?
Modest, calm, yet fun & cheerful.

What makes them unique?
Hmmm let me think. Maybe because I like to mix objects which are sometimes not quite coherent with the colors and other graphic elements. But in my experience, this experiment of mixing objects and colors often ends up satisfying. The end results of my artworks are colorful, but in the same time also simple and calm.

What medium do you usually use?
I use both digital and manual techniques, and sometimes mixing both of them. Why? Because manual technique is the very basic thing to explore other techniques. But lately I’ve been crazy in love exploring digital illustration haha.


Who influences your art?
Aditya Pratama a.k.a Sarkodit who’s also graduated from ITENAS haha. I love his style, totally unique and quirky but in the same time harmonious. Then I also like Tommy Chandra, a vector illustrator whose artworks are well known globally. And last but not least, Cahya Sofyan and Raisa Ramdani. Maybe because I know the two personally, so they have big impact on me, to make a better, more fun, and cooler artworks.

Where do you usually get inspiration?
Of course from my day to day life. For example when I was listening to a song then I caught a glimpse of the visualization in my mind, I directly grabbed a pen and started pouring down what I had in mind. Just from the simple things in my life.

Where did you learn about graphic design and art?
At first I was self taught but then I went to Itenas to be a Visual Communication Design student and learnt more about graphic design and art.


Whats the most unforgettable experience of your illustrator career?
Thank God I was chosen as a representative for Indonesia with 5 fellow local illustrators to be featured on “AAD Outstanding Illustration Artists in Asia 2016” by AAD (The Asia Art Design Platform). It was such an honor because I’ve never thought that I was good enough, compared to other illustrators in Indonesia so I was really grateful.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
Because Printerous helps me to turn my artworks into a various range of products that can be enjoyed by everyone. So my artworks won’t just end up hanging on my room. Printerous helps illustrators and artists who don’t have much time and much knowledge to distribute their artworks or to sell them as wearable products. Because of Printerous, now they can use their time focusing on producing more artworks, and let Printerous do the distribution and selling to people.

What do you think about the development of local artists?
No doubt, they’re now definitely growing and cooler than ever! They are braver to explorer new mediums and techniques. Also with the help of social media and other illustration’design platforms such as Behance and Kreavi, young local illustrators and artists now can easily showcase their artworks to people, even internationally!


Any plan for near future?
Be consistent and stay focus on producing more and more artworks, and be smarter on time management.

What’s your ultimate dream?
I want to do solo exhibition, be more active participating in art & design exhibitions/events both in Indonesia or globally. I want to make an artbook full of my own artworks, also wish to have my own studio. Hahaha such a long list!

Who do you want to collaborate with? Anyone in mind?
Aditya Pratama, because I am a big fan of his works.

Shoutouts to fellow artists?
KEEP ON GOING AND STAY PASSIONATE. Be true to yourself, keep on being enthusiastic to do your work, and don’t be shy to share your works to the world. And if people already acknowledge your work, stay humble, don’t forget to be grateful, don’t forget the people who had your back who help you reached that position.


Discover more Abiyasa Adiguna

Visit his store on www.arterous.com/en/abiyasaadiguna
Instagram: @abiyasaadiguna


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