Adam Says Music, A Multi-Talented Man

Say hello to Yusuf Adam a.k.a Adam Says Music with his signature of portraiting household stuff and turning them into something colorful yet extraordinary. Not just a photographer and an artist, he is also a singer and composer. So, let’s talk more with this multi-talented man and his art!

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What’s been keeping you busy these days?
Just busy with college, and doing some works in visual and audio.
Any hobbies?
Drawing, composing songs, photography, and watching movies.
How long since you’ve started working in art and design?
I guess it’s just been about 2 years. I took graphic and photography seriously since 2014.

Do you remember when was the time that you started drawing?
I love drawing eversince I could remember, I think it started when I was in kindergarten. And then my passion kept growing. When I was an elementary student, my teacher always encouraged me to join drawing competitions.
How do you describe your artworks?
Turquoise, Life in technicolor, living life colorfully.

What makes your artworks unique?
They’re all colorful and I usually use household stuffs and turn them into something extraordinary.
What medium do you usually use?
I use colorful acrylic paint with my signature color turquoise for the background. For the objects, I like to capture daily things and household stuffs around us, from TV, spoons and forks, to chicken egg and broccoli that I found in my fridge haha.

Why do you choose to paint on household stuffs?
I personally want to show that painting doesn’t have to be on canvas or drawing book. We can paint anything we want! Of course it comes with challenge, because some items have to be treated carefully, for example the eggs.
Who are your favorite artists?
Pablo Picasso, Benedetto Demaio and Ezgi Polat

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Where do you usually get inspiration?
Mostly from my everyday experience.

Where did you study graphic and art?
I was self taught in graphic design and art because in college I major in law, and they’re really not compatible for each other hahahaha.
What do you think about the development of local artists?
I think they are super creative and start to emerge, thanks to visual-based social media applications.
Any plan for near future?
I’m planning to launch a book of my artworks that I’ve been working on this past year.

What’s your wish?
For now it is to graduate from college and make my parents happy!
Do you wish to collaborate with some particular artists?
Yes, I would like to collaborate with Aditya Pratama a.k.a Sarkodit. Because I think he has a really superior taste!

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Shoutout to your fellow artists?
Keep fighting for your idealism, your happiness, and your country!

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