Artist of The Week: Chintami Ricci and Her Classic Illustrations

Chintami Ricci is an illustrator from Bandar Lampung who has a European feminine theme on her every drawing. During this festive season, she explore her amazement of Christmas and said, “I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but it gives power and much inspiration to me.” Let’s take a look at her jolly works!

Hi Chintami! Can you tell us what keeps you busy lately?
Hi, guys! Yes, I’ve been busy doing some illustration and design project for my clients, and also making illustrations for products.

How long since you’ve started working in visual art?
I took Visual Communication Design when I was in college, and then working as graphic designer since 2010.

When did you discover your interest in drawing?
I drew since I was still a very little kid. The most memorable moment’s when I was 2 years old, I drew two squares with two dots each near the side of the square. And the moment when my Papa saw it, he instantly knew that it was meant to be a refrigerator.

How do you describe your own works?
My artworks mostly have European feel because I was inspired from classic illustration. Sometimes I combine between reality and fairytale, this makes my artwork feel surreal. I draw anything beautiful in my eyes, interesting, and timeless.

What make your works unique?
My illustrations depict classic – feminine imagery, with focus on concepts of reality vs myth and the beauty of nature. They are classic feminine combined with nature theme and sometimes surrealist. Every piece of my work contains a story or a message and I usually adjust them with what women like, such as shabby chic, boho, and vintage.

What medium do you usually use?
Watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, pastel, and digital. I like manual illustration, especially watercolor. Why? Because every brushwork is special and original. People say it’s difficult to use, and indeed watercolor is hard because with just one tiny mistake you can ruin the entire work. So my advice is don’t hesitate! Just be confident with your brushwork and everything will turn out fine.

Do you have your favorite artists who influence your works?
Yes, they are Nicoletta Ceccoli, Irinna Vinnik, Natalie Shau, and Millie Marotta.

Where do you usually get most of your inspiration?
Usually from everything around me, from film, music, game, also Instagram. Even sometimes I can get ideas from dictionary, by randomly connecting words that awaken my surrealist imagination.

Tell us about your experience of exhibitions and achievements!
For exhibitions, I often participate in joint exhibitions since 2007, all of them are located in Jakarta. And speaking of achievements, I’ve won more or less 64 local and international competitions.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
I appreciate and welcome every chance that comes to me, if it’s related to my passion in design and illustration. Printerous offers a wide chance for me to channel my passion into products. I love seeing my works become reality. The best part is people can buy them and hold them in their hands!

What do you think about Printerous?
I love the curated art marketplace concept, they make the artists feel appreciated and exclusive. Also they provide a nice way for artist to show and sell their works optimally. Their website is really nice, clean, and elegant, they have a premium quality print, and unique products such as their magnets and notebooks.

Any shoutout to other illustrators out there?
There is one nice quote that I always remember: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” So, don’t try to compete because every illustration has their own market and consumers.

How do feel about Christmas? Is there any unique ritual when you celebrate it?
Actually I am buddhist haha. But I often come to my friend’s house who celebrate Christmas. That’s the unique ritual! I always play game and help her to put up some Christmas decoration. The thing that I always remember is her family always put a doormat that shapes like Santa’s feet. And if you step on it, it will make a sound that says ‘Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas”.

How many Christmas artworks that you’ve submitted? Where do you get the inspiration for them?
I submitted 4 Christmas artworks, ‘Gift from The Fairy’, ‘Christmas Santa and Elfhouse’, ‘Christmas Elf and Topiary’, also ‘Christmas Unicorn’. I get the inspiration for those artworks from many random things, from Final Fantasy 8 game, The Nightmare Before Christmas, until cameo carving (stone carving technique from Italy). Then I mix them with Christmas because I love Christmassy feeling.

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