Brain Gets Full, Where to Store Memories?

“Miss, would you please excuse me out? My brain is full,” said a student to his teacher during a class session once.

Sometimes we feel like that, but the brain is truly a marvel. The brain can’t actually be full, as science says that new memories tend to push out the old ones out. With this fact, we surely would not want it to reach our good memories. But even if the worst case happens where everything would be gone, there’s no need to worry if you have prepared a back-up plan for it.

So, what’s the back-up plan?

  • Relocate all photos into one place.

If you find it easier to organize using a PC, then import photos from mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets into it.

  • Once they are stored in one location, group them by year and month.

This would be easier to do with applications like iPhoto, Windows Live Photo Gallery, or any photo organizing application similar to that. Considering that cameras could sometimes get data wrong, don’t forget to correct all dates and times so the photos would be in order.

  • Sort the monthly photos, and keep only the best ones.

In just one activity, we tend to capture a lot of photos with identical views or poses. Pick the one you that you think is best. If you decide to edit in an external program, that’s fine. Just don’t forget to import the photo back into the app. The rest? You can still keep them in your folders, but better delete them from the photo organizing app so it wouldn’t get all mixed up.  

  • Keep track of the progress.

You might not be able to sort all the photos from years in one go. It’s better if you keep a chart with a list of the months, for example from January 2015, February 2015, and so forth until the present time. Next to the month column, leave some space for you to put a tick after you are done selecting the few best photos from each month.

  • Turn your photos into real photobook, use a good layout and put caption.

Now that you have selected the best photos in chronological order, tell the story using your own words. To make the story livelier, adjust the caption font and background color to create a mood that suits the story behind the photo.

  • Now your photo book is ready!

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