Customer Story : Cosmopolitan FM

“Who run the world? Girls!”

Remember that line from Beyonce’s song? If the radio stations were different kind of worlds, Cosmopolitan FM would be where women reside. As a radio station, they offer a privilege for modern women to satisfy their need: to share and to confide. They act as a hiding place for women to run to whenever they need a friend to talk to, to discuss relationships, and personal life.

Although the listeners are aimed to be women, the radio announcers are not restricted to that criteria. At least, one of the radio announcers is of the opposite gender. This young man named Echo first heard about Printerous from his coworker. Their first order were customized pink t-shirts for ‘Love Is In The Air’ concert in Senayan City, but once again worn during the time of his testimony sharing session.

As visible in the video, the logo of 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM is printed on the front side of the t-shirt, along with the logo of MRA Broadcast Media Group they belong to and their tagline on the back side. “It arrived as fast as a lightning!” said Echo. On top of that, the material is comfortable and the printing quality is great. Everything that was printed on it was soft, perfectly merging with the t-shirt.

What impressed Echo even more was that Printerous lets anyone to customize t-shirts, with whatever design. This time, Echo wants to print again not for Cosmopolitan FM, but for his own collection. How about you?  

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