Erna Chai & Her Playful Details

Playful and cute details to brighten your daily life, brought to you by the one and only Erna Chai! Erna is a visual artist and graphic designer from Pekanbaru, who creates a world of colorful, adorable, simple, and warm drawings. Let’s know more about her and her art!

What’s been keeping you busy lately?
I work at astudio game company, so I’m just busy making and playing games hahaha. Beside my work life, I’m in the middle of preparing a collaboration brand with my friend, and it’s gonna launch real soon. Yeah so lately my days have been filled with branding, social media, and marketing for that brand. And I also have a personal project just for the sake of fun!

Any hobbies?
Doodling, traveling, taking pictures with analog camera, watching anything, reading, and collecting cute stationeries.

When did you start working in art and design?
I started knowing about graphic and art since college. It’s been more or less 10 years.

Do you remember the beginning of your drawing passion?
When I was a little kid, my papa often asked me to draw him rabbits. And everytime I gave him the rabbit, he was really excited. After that, I continued to draw, it became my ultimate hobby, and explored many drawing techniques.


How do you describe your artworks?
Colorful yet simple, adorable, and happy drawing.

What makes them unique?
They are all just simple drawing, but they make people feel happy, positive, and give them warmth, hopefully hehehe.

What medium do you usually use?
Mostly digital, but before I always do sketching first on drawing book before scanning them.

Who influences your art?
Too many names! Several of them are Oliver Jeffers, Yayoi Kusana, Gemma Correll, Yoskay Yamamoto, Tatsuro Kiuchi, and many more!

Where do you usually get inspiration?
Basically from anywhere! From movies, songs, books, everyday life, weather, my friends, last night’s dreams, news, travel, food, strangers, just anything!

Where did you learn about graphic design and art?
I was a Visual Communication Design student at Bina Nusantara University. I just found out while I was in college that graphic is different from drawing hahaha.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
It’s always been my dream to sell my own artworks, but I didn’t know where to start, where to find vendor, which products, price, and so on. So, when Printerous asked me to join their artist program, I said absolutely yes! Moreover Printerous offers wide variety of products, a very user-friendly website, but the most important thing, Printerous supports local artists so that they can sell their art to people!

What do you think about the development of local artists?
They are a bunch of skillful badass hahaha! Seriously, most of them have real deals, I mean when I see their artworks, I thought they were the artworks of some international artists, but then I found out that they’re local made. Wow!

Any plan for near future?
Get starting my own line brand where I can express my feelings to many medias or to other applications.

Who do you want to collaborate with? Anyone in mind?
For now, the person who I wish to collaborate with has already been my partner! Her name is Astrid Prasetianti, also joins Printerous Artist Program. I love her style and design taste since college, and personally she’s also a really nice person. So well, then I asked her to build a brand together.

Shoutouts to fellow artists?
Keep on working, practice makes perfect! Ehm, this also applies to me as well haha.

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