Fika Julia’s Playful & Authentic Designs

Fika Rahmi Julia is a 27 years old fabric designer from Jakarta with a heavy influence from Indonesian art and culture. Her artworks are such a bundle of mezmerizing patterns and colors that sure will make you fall in love with them at the first sight. Now, go check our chat with her!

Hi Fika! How are you doing?
Hi Printerous! I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking!

What’s been keeping you busy lately?
Quite much, i think. I am a print-textile designer, a part time lecturee in Binus Northumbria University for Fashion Textile, and I also work as marketing & business development manager at Suar Artspace.

Any hobbies?
Drawing of course, and then driving hahaha, also i love doing yoga.

When did you start working in art and design?
Since 2007, when I first enrolled as a Visual Communication Design student at Binus University.

Do you remember the beginning of your passion in drawing?
At first it was because drawing gave me a sense of relieved.  I was suprised that I could express how I felt through drawing or visual. And as time goes by, my love for drawing has grown bigger and bigger. And then at some point I decided to pursue it for my career.

How do you describe your artworks?
Colorful and girly.

What makes them unique?
Maybe because I’m consistent with the medium that I use. And I sometimes give some Indonesian touch to my artworks.

What medium do you usually use? Why?
Textile  or fabric. Because it’s always intriguing for me to learn about printing techniques on fabric.

Who influences you? Do you have any idol?
I love M.I.A, british rapper and also Christian Joy who is an American costume designer.

Where do you usually get inspiration?
From my favorite songs and also from my traveling experience.

Have you participated in exhibitions? What kind of exhibitions are they?
MA Fashion Show at Birmingham City University, Swarnafest Fashion Show at Denpasar Bali (collaboration with Kanawida), “Sumba Summer Series” at Suar Artspace (scarf exhibition) & join art market in Jakarta (Catalyst Art Market) and Singapore (Public Garden).

Where did you learn about graphic design and art?
I studied Visual Communication Design at Binus University for my Bachelor Degree, it was 2007 until 2011. And then for my Master, I took Textile Design at Birmingham City University from 2014 to 2015.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
It’s super interesting, because there are a lot of well known artist and illustrator who also join this program.

What do you like about Printerous?
User friendly website with good quality of products.

What do you think about the development of local artists?
They are developing well and very rapid, because there are so many platforms that support them, in both online and offline.

Any plan for near future?
Expanding the variation of my products, hopefully I can expand it to interior products. Amen!

What’s your ultimate dream?
Whoa I think I have too many dreams! But one of them is to have my own off ground store.

Who do you want to collaborate with? Anyone in mind?
Chitra Subijakto, because I always adore all of her textile works that are processed traditionally.

Shoutouts to fellow artists?
Don’t stop until you’re proud!

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