For A Better Letterhead, Play with These 5 Elements!

These days, conveying a message seems to be as easy as typing on screen and sending it in
one click. Not leaving out professional messages, which could be transmitted through e-
mails. But how many times do we find our e-mail ignored? Probably because the intended
receiver misses it after a scroll through the screen.

It’s a whole different story when it comes to handwritten letters. Handwriting gives a
personal touch, they say. But when it’s regarding formal matters, you wouldn’t want to
write it by hand, as it wouldn’t look professional. So, back to e-mails. However, despite the
efficiency of e-mails, there is the possibility of it being piled up with other e-mails and end
up not being opened at all.

The solution would then be to give a hardcopy of the letter with a higher likeliness of being
noticed. But even if there’s a tangible form of it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the
receiver will actually pay attention to it. One of the techniques to get the receiver to actually
read the letter, is by making the letterhead itself appealing. When the letterhead is
appealing, there comes the advantage. Even if the receiver of the letter receives thousands
of letters in his or her mailbox, he or she will definitely take the one that stands out first.

In order to make your letterhead appealing, here are the 5 elements of it that you could

  1.  Simple Text
    A text, although brief, does not have to be boring. You can play with the font style,
    sizing, and positioning.
  2. Header
    A header is like a rectangle set to fill up the upper first quarter of the letterhead. If there
    is a logo of the company that you want to emphasize, then header is where it belongs. If
    there is a signature color of the company, then the color could be fit into here as a
    theme, too. The background header does not always have to be plain images or colors,
    but it can be anything that represents the company. For instance, if your company sells
    perfumes yet fragrances cannot be visualized, you can put either the bottles of the
    perfume or the pictures of flowers that the scents come from.
  3. Border
    Border acts as a frame for the content of the letter, puts the main text as the center, and
    draws attention to the message. As much as possible, do not use plain colors. You can
    use gradation or ombre colors, or even cropped images with patterns.
  4. Background graphics
    If you think borders are too stiff and you fear that it will create an image of your
    company to be perceived as not flexible, background graphics are the alternatives.
    These graphics do not have to fill up the whole page, but can be focused toward one
    corner of the page, or so. Get creative with geometrical shapes to pop up your letterhead!
  5. Spine Column
    Similar to what’s usually in a resume or CV, spine column on the page of your letterhead
    would create a distinction. Before you get the receiver of the message to read your
    message, you would want to make sure they know who you are. Placing the important
    information on the spine column would ensure the details would be seen by the reader,
    which would build your identity as a company.

A better letterhead makes all the difference!

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