Hanging A Canvas Art: 5 Steps to Accuracy

Whether it is in interior books, on television, in the internet, or in day-to-day visits to an acquaintance’s house—we see beautiful homes everywhere. From there, we often get inspired to create our very own version of a beautiful home, or house.

A house comprises of rooms, and rooms of furniture. Canvas art is one of the many things that could come as a complementary for all that. Printing photos of you and your loved ones on a canvas art and putting it up on the wall are ideas to decorate a beautiful home. Besides, it would definitely create a homely atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, how these canvas arts are displayed is crucial. Hanging it up might seem pretty easy, but why not go for a better way?

The factor one would need to take heed of is height. The typical mistake of hanging any artwork to set it up too high on the wall. When in fact, the ideal position is to have the center of the image at the eye level. If there is a furniture that makes it impossible to hang the canvas art at the eye level, then above it would do fine as well. Leaving some space between the furniture and the canvas art is advised, at least 6 inches or 20 centimeters. The space between should not be too far, or else it would make the room look empty instead of homely.


But if you prefer accuracy, do grab some paper and pencil and follow these measuring steps:

  1. Measure the height of the canvas art.
  2. Divide the number of the height by two.
  3. Add that number to your average ideal height, around 150 centimetres.
  4. If you’re hanging the canvas art with a picture wire, subtract that number with the distance between the highest point of the wire and the top of the canvas art.
  5. The final number is how high you will place your hook as measured from the floor.


Then again, the perfect way to hang an art canvas depends on the room design, the scale of the canvas art itself, and of course your personal preference. As long as it has got a good proportion and balance, then it is nobody’s say but yours!

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