Harmony in Sibebo’s Floral Watercolor Art

Imagine you’re in a garden full of flowers and they’re all blooming. That is the exact feeling which Nella Mareti a.k.a Sibebo gives us with her botanical watercolor drawings. This illustrator from Tangerang said that when she was a little kid she was amused by watercolor art and fell in love with it. That love is still going until now. Let’s know more about her!

What’s been keeping you busy lately?
Take care of my newborn child, and just be a mom.

Any hobbies?
I love reading and drawing.

When did you start working in art and design?
I’ve been drawing intensively for almost 6 years, since 2010

Do you remember the beginning of your passion in drawing?
Since I was a little kid, I’ve always been amused by the world of paintings especially the watercolor ones. Then I began to study about how to paint, intensively when I was in college.

How do you describe your artworks?
Flowery, flowing, and earthy.

What makes them unique?
I learned about many techniques, and when I draw I tend to mix them all up. I just pour the interesting things that cross my mind into my paintings

What medium do you usually use? Why?
Watercolor, brush, and watercolor paper. Watercolor is an unpredictable medium, because most of the time we can’t control the direction of the water. That is also challenging, because it’s hard to create the desired effect and the desired feel using watercolor.

Who influences your art?
Caitlin Mcgauley

Where do you usually get inspiration?
From my surroundings and people around me

Where did you learn about graphic design and art?
I studied art at Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). But I learned painting and hand crotcheting all by myself, self taught.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
Because thanks to Printerous now I can put my artworks on many kinds of products. And I also learn about other local artists, there are so many talented ones with great artworks

Which artworks did you submit on Printerous? Why?
Floral watercolor art, because it’s just effortlessly beautiful and decorative. It can be applied on any products, and also it’s the signature style of Sibebo.

What do you like about Printerous?
We can order artwork per piece, Printerous also knows the need of customers these days who want everything personalized, and they have a wide range of products!

What do you think about the development of local artists?
They are pretty good! Now that social media is very happening, it’s a lot easier for local artists to showcase what they’ve got.

Any plan for near future?
Produce more products, try to be more productive and I want to explore new things

What’s your ultimate dream?
To have my own online shop and Sibebo’s off ground store.

Who do you want to collaborate with? Anyone in mind?
Caitlin Mcgauley! She’s my idol.

Shoutouts to fellow artists?
Find the joy in your creative process, keep digging and you’ll find new things that enchant you. Also don’t forget to build a good networking with other artists or people.


Discover more about Sibebo

Visit her store on www.arterous.com/en/sibebo

Instagram: @sibebo

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