How to Spend Weekend on Ramadan

Let’s be real, all we want to do on Ramadan weekend is just let go and lie down. Yet it gets boring, right? Yep, spending productive weekend during Ramadan can be a challenge, with early suhoor, desire to sleep all day, smartphones, iftar, and the long night prayers – there doesn’t seem to be any time to slot in for activities. Still, for those who crave for productive weekend on Ramadan, here are some ways to fulfill it.

Be off somewhere new

Ramadan routinity can bite hard, because fasting during working hours does sound like a real dare. And it is! So when weekend comes close, it is your time to refresh your mind. How? For instance, going somewhere new is always exciting. You can look for someplace near and ask your fellow friends or family to come along. You might be surprised by how spending time in a new place with familiar people can bring warmth like the feeling of summer sunshine on your cheeks. Take a lot of photos because you will miss those precious moments! If you want to print it and make it last, just simply click here.

Aid people with charity

Ramadan is not just about fasting. It is also a time to crack our hard hearts, feel an indescribable personal connection with God,  and to have positive interactions with the people around us. What’s more helpful than sharing with people in need? You can make iftar food for homeless people or give some of your stuffs for a local orphanage. Make it easy yet meaningful, it may change the lives of many.

Meet up with old pals

Gather with your old besties is one way to describe fun itself. Call them, schedule the meet up, hang out, chit-chat, take loads of photos, and iftar in togetherness. Sound sweet, right? Plus side, you can catch up with the latest news of your chummy pals. Wish to have print photos for keepsake? Clik here to have awesome and personal photo books made by you.

Shop for Eid’s gifts

Eid is coming! Weekend is the perfect time for you to shop for gifts and parcels for your closed relations. Be creative and look for something cute and personal for your gifts, such as canvas arts, magnets, throw pillows, tote bags, even gadget cases. Personalized it with your designs or photos and make it unique plus memorable. You can design those works of art here!

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