IDENTITAS: Wear and Voice Out Your Identity

If not a must-understood phrase, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” is at least familiar among Indonesians, as it is the official national motto of the country. However, it’s such a pity that although many have successfully grasped the meaning behind those Sanskrit-originated words which happens to be “unity in diversity”, the practice is different. It’s quite regrettable to admit that not all Indonesians have made peace upon the differences nor walk as a nation as one.


Yosi Mokalu, a member of the famous popular Indonesian band “Project Pop”, believes that the differences—whether ethnic, racial, or religious differences; are not what should define Indonesians. Instead, he believes that despite the differences, the identity should stand and remain unshakeable: as Indonesians, as one.

In result, he, along with a friend, came up with not only a brilliant but also noble idea of not just merely selling t-shirts. Under the name “IDENTITAS”, the brand aspires to inspire Indonesians to voice out what represents their passion, and what is already or has become their identity.


As for now, the t-shirts come in 4 designs: a black shirt with “NASIONAL IS ME” text covering most of the front part; another black t-shirt with a red rectangle, little black splatters, and a smaller-sized “NASIONAL IS ME” text in the corner; a white shirt with a picture of green-colored Garuda, the national emblem of Indonesia, complemented with “NKRI HARGA MATI” text; and a simple white t-shirt with “FRONT PEMBELA INDONESIA” text in black and the first letter of each word in red.

Online-based t-shirt selling paired up with online printing services. IDENTITAS has decided to make Printerous their printing partner for all the products they sell. Yosi even admitted “Before printing, we are given the chance to pick the type of the shirt, how it would be screen printed, because there are many to choose from. We see that the result is good, and after we printed ours, the outcome is indeed great. So, it’s satisfying.” After all from the ordering process to the printing process, IDENTITAS finds themselves satisfied with the service and quality offered by Printerous.

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