Iftar Gathering with Printerous Family

Ramadan is the time to gather with friends, to have closer relation and better mutual understanding. And yes, Printerous family celebrates Ramadan with some activities that get us closer. On Tuesday (7/7), we gather around to have iftar together at Printerous Head Quarter. We embrace the simple act of sharing a meal together, and we believe it has laid down the foundations of a friendship.

The event itself was not just a regular iftar gathering. We filled it with fun games, magic tricks, and laughter that were priceless. At 4pm, we started the gathering. The first event was a game called ‘Lie Detector’. We were divided into 2 groups, and each member of the group had to write down 2 sentences and then one by one say the sentences.  The opposite group had to guess which sentence was a lie. It was a fun game because we learnt new and funny facts amongst each other!

After that, there was a magic performance from Alan Sarluv, one of our associate. He amazed us with several card tips and a set of Russian Roullete game. We couldn’t stop cheering for him because the performance put us to an awe. Then, the clock was pointing to almost 6 pm. It’s time for us to have iftar and eat the served food.

One of Alan Saluv’s card tricks

We had so much to eat, from a gigantic nasi tumpeng, sushi, chicken wings, fruits, and some desserts. Before we ate, we didn’t forget to pray to God for the food and such blessing that he had given us. And then, it’s feast time! We shared the meal, and had dialogue to catch up with each other.

Break the fasting!

It ‘s game time again! After munching all the delicious food, once again we threw a fun game. This time, it was ‘Who Am I and Where Am I’. We were divided into 4 groups, each group had one representative to guess the word that was written in a piece of paper stuck on their forehead. We played this game until almost 9pm. Eventually, the game ended, the event ended, but the fun and friendship never ends.

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