Introducing: Personalized Framed Art

It’s time to say welcome to framed art, and goodbye to boring walls. Introducing to you our new personalized framed art. Now you can add your precious memories or favorite art piece to your every empty wall.

Our framed art is no ordinary and comes with quality. All of them are fine-crafted frame made from solid wood. We have 6 selections of frame styles and colors for you to choose to meet your every needs.

To preserve the art print, our frame comes with premium block crystal. This premium block crystal will also make an exquisite finishing. And don’t worry about the quality, with the block crystal layer, it’s build to last with archival quality.

Here is the most fun part. You can choose and personalize it to every little detail, from your own border, size, and orientation. Choices from 3 borders, 15 sizes, and 3 orientations (square, landscape, or portrait). Simply upload your masterpiece, and we’ll do the rest.

It’s extremely easy for you to order. Just like our other products, all you have to do is head to our website, click Framed Arts in ‘Create’ section, then head to our editor where you can drag and drop your photos and make your own framed art. After that, simply click order and wait for it to arrive safely.

It’ll all come to your door in one neat package, all ready for hanging. The only thing left to do will be to hang and enjoy!

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