Make Your Eid Moments Always Be with You

Eid al-Fitr has passed, but the wave of joy still lingers in our hearts. And yes, we wish for that joy to stay forever and not to fade away. Don’t worry! Now with Printerous, we provide creative ways to grant that wish preserving your Eid special moments. Take a look on how you can make your Eid al-Fitr moments always be with you.

All-in-one photobook

Printerous Photo Books
Keep your Eid al-Fitr warm stories through a photo books. It will be a perfect way to make your joyful memories close to you. Make some sense of narration for the photobook. With plot, your photobook will be more interesting.

Festive your wall

Get creative and turn your Eid al-Fitr festive moments to decorate your bare wall. You can print you moments on canvas arts or photo prints, and arrange them as picturesque as you want.

Frigde of memories

Printerous Magnets
Decorate your fridge with lovely pictures of your Eid al-Fitr happy moments. How? By printing them on little magnets and put them on display. Now, you can smile everytime you look at those magnets.

Hold it in your gadget

Printerous Gadget Case
You want your precious memories be close to you more than anything else? Print your best Eid al-Fitr photo on your gadget cases. Hold your memory tight in your arm!

Turn ’em into fluffy pillows

Printerous Throw Pillows
Embrace the warmth of Eid by putting the photos on throw pillows. Design your own throw pillows with your great memories and prepare to be enchanted with their fluffiness.

Bring it everywhere on tote bags

Now you can also bring your best Eid moments everywhere by printing them on your own personalized tote bags. Show off your memories creatively and proudly!

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