Means of Promotion: Online VS Offline

With the rise of technology in such a modern era, almost everything has gone digital. From mass media in journalism to business industry, it is as if all we used to do manually have been imported to the cyber world in all of a sudden. Newspapers turn into online news websites, billboards to pop-up advertisements, brochures to personalized promotional e-mails. These changes have caused business industries to reconsider their means of promotion. It has risen several questions among entrepreneurs: is it true that digital marketing is better than the traditional one? Has online marketing killed the offline entirely?


The truth is, there is no absolute answer. In order to determine which one of the varied answers that suits best a company, business practitioners should contemplate over these factors:


  • Target Market

Prior to deciding which means of promotion to use, a company should be aware of their specific target market. If their target market is the generation X, then they should take heed of the fact that not many of them make use of digital technology. Whereas if their target market are millennials, who more often than not hold gadgets in the palm of their hands; then online marketing might be the proper means of promotion.


  • Professionalism

However, in spite of the target market, a company should also count in factors of professionalism. The essence of professionalism is strongly associated to what is tangible. Meanwhile, online means of promotion offers what is clickable and visible only on screen. For instance, even if you are an employee working in a startup that usually utilizes advanced technology, you would still need traditional business tools. Although you might be able to interact via online chat rooms with your prospective partners or customers, it is advised that you still arrange a face-to-face meeting with them. In that first encounter, a name card exchange would indicate professionalism. In addition to that, it is preferable that your conversation consisting of your explanation about your company is complemented by supporting instruments such as brochures, flyers, or even company t-shirts that assures your representation of the company.

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