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This page has been provided as a resource for you. Please feel free to download our corporate logos of our new site design. If you need more information and would like to speak to some of the people behind PT. Printerous Global, just let us know.

Printerous Logo

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Printerous Network

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Printerous Business

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Printerous Moments

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Printerous Shop

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About Printerous

Established in 2012, Printerous is a Jakarta-based online company producing the finest quality of printed goods. Initially, Printerous was born as a platform which eases users to print photos from their Instagram accounts using online editor.

For several years Printerous has expanded their business, not just personal photo printing (Printerous Moments), but also merchandise printing (Printerous Shop), and commercial printing (Printerous Business). Printerous has a huge product range from photo books, stationeries, posters, business cards, to wearables and home decors.

Printerous launched Printerous Shop in September 2015, an online curated art marketplace that collaborates with independent local artists. Now Printerous Shop has grown rapidly, with more than 300 artists who participate, 2.000+ artworks, and 75.000+ products.

And previously in February 2016, Printerous launched their new line of products, Printerous Business. Printerous Business is an online digital platform providing premium commercial printing services for personal and business to fit any budget, style, and occasion.

For press enquiries and personal interview requests, please contact:

Marshellia Lawrence |
PT. Printerous Global
Jl. Kerinci 8 No. 25
Kebayoran Baru, 12120
Jakarta Selatan Indonesia