Outside the Spotlight: Shandy Aulia’s Secret to Keeping Moments

As a famous Indonesian actress, it is no longer a doubt that public always sets eyes on Shandy Aulia. She is best known for playing roles in soap operas and feature films, such as Eiffel I’m in Love. Everything that she is, many looks up to. Every of her deed catches attention, and so did her wedding day. The 21st December of year 2011 marked a big change in Shandy’s life. The 11-year-age difference between the couple not weaken Shandy’s marriage, nor anything else.

What’s the secret, then? One of the key values that Shandy held onto was to appreciate the little things in life. A moment after another, she always keeps track of. She finds meaning behind capturing moments into pictures. From documentation during vacations to extraordinary days including her wedding day, she stores everything in her phone gallery and often share it into instagram. It may sound efficient, but if something happens to its gadgets, it is likely to lose what is left of the beautiful moments that have been missed.


When she found out what Printerous is all about, she was sure that it would become one of her favorites. She can have her wedding day photos from 6 years ago printed beautifully into photo prints. She admitted that she did not give the raw files of the photos to be printed, but only as downloaded from her Instagram posts. Despite that, the photo prints were not blurry, grainy, nor anything that she would complain.


If it was easy for someone as busy as Shandy Aulia to print with Printerous, then it would surely be too for everyone else whose schedule is not as tightly packed with shooting sessions every now and then. What are you waiting for? Go download the Printerous Moments application and turn your moments into photo prints, like Shandy Aulia did!

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