Printerous Customer Story: BANGJONI

Not long ago, Bang Joni ordered t-shirts. But wait, Bang Joni is not an actual person. It is a chat bot who surely does not need any physical outfit to wear. So, what were those t-shirts for?


If “bro” is the common informal word to call guys, then “bang” is the Indonesian version for it. As for “Joni”, it’s definitely an Indonesian name. By merging those two words into one, there goes the name Bang Joni.


Bang Joni is a chat bot by PT Jualan Online Indonesia, abbreviated as JONI and thus also where the name originally came from. This chat bot is made possible by the technology of artificial intelligence (AI). With an aim to incorporate various features present in many applications into one user interface platform, Bang Joni currently operates on LINE Messenger. Without having to download anything else further, existing LINE users could directly add Bang Joni as a contact.


Like any other friend, one would always help a friend in need. Acting as a virtual friend for your needs, you can ask for almost everything by chat and find your need answered. As to meet up to its tagline that says “pesennya cepet, nggak pake ribet” which translates to “order fast, without being complicated”, fastness is one of the features that Bang Joni intends to offer as an all-in-one rushing friend. Another plus point lies in its ability to understand and respond in Indonesian slang words, which other bots usually cannot. It is as if you’re asking a friend to help you to do something, anything. Bang Joni acts as that voluntary friend, by working together with some other companies..


Going back to the initial question, why did Bang Joni ordered t-shirts? Who could possibly wear them?


It is answered in the video above by Arra Primanta, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bang Joni. As a relatively new startup company, they are digging and exploring marketing strategies as much as possible, including by holding events. In these events, instruments that represent the company should be present, like t-shirts. One time, they ordered at Printerous and quoting from the CMO, the product quality turned out to be satisfying.

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