Printerous Launching Party ‘Art In Modern Life’

We’re still in daze from our Printerous Shop ‘Art In Modern Life’ launching party. We had an amazing day at Artotel Jakarta, Wednesday (9/9) 10AM-1PM, our event was full house though it was our first launching event. It was so powerful to see our artists, friends, and medias come together in person for a day of supporting local art.

We chose ‘Art In Modern Life’ as our topic because now art is very close to daily life. We easily capture objects & moments for our personal satisfaction. As for our guest speakers, we invite Mr. Triawan Munaf (Head of Creative Economy Agency), Diana Rikasari (Fashion Blogger), and Ykha Amelz (Independent Artist). Together with founder of Printerous, Kevin Osmond, they delivered such a lively discussion.

“Fashion can be enjoyed by everyone! Many fashion bloggers have their own styles and quirks that made them unique and influential. This is an evidence that everyone who have a sense of art and active on social media could express their artistic side easily. Instagram has many talented photographers who can influence their followers to be more creative and hone their aesthestic sense,” – Diana Rikasari.

“Printerous Shop can be an alternative option for artists to explore their work and increase their revenue, we understand that there is a high demand in the Indonesian market for fine and tasteful art, and Printerous simplify the connection between buyers and artists,” – Kevin Osmond

“Independent businesses such as Printerous is what encourages me to run BEKRAF; to support those who have the enterpreneurial spirit and creativity to build the creative economy. Printerous promotes the talent of local artists and bring them to the Indonesian market. Simple business idea like Printerous, when running smoothly and supported by the community, will ultimately advance the nation’s economy,” – Triawan Munaf

We adorn the venue with an experience and gallery area, so that everyone can really touch and know the quality of our products. We created a living room that resembled our ‘CREATE’ feature, and a gallery-like space for our ‘SHOP’ feature. We gave some decorations on those areas with our products, and we were really excited because many people took pictures in those pretty areas.

For the guests, there were more than 120 people who joined us at the event and we had such a blast with positive responses from them. Warm regards also keep coming from our artists. Up to this moment, we collaborate with more than 150 local artists from Indonesia and there are 700+ artworks submitted to 20.000+ products.

And that’s a wrap! We would like to say thank you to everyone involved. This event wouldn’t have been such a success without all of your continued support and enthusiasm. It’s a boost of energy for us, so we can continue bringing local art to a higher level. Hope to see you again at our next event!

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