Purwadhika Startup & Coding School: Technology Needs Print, Too

Are you showered with creative ideas and noble purposes to solve the world’s problems? If yes, that’s a stepping stone to create a startup. Startups are on the rise, especially among the younger generation. From online marketplace, transportation services, to chat bots; many businesses nowadays seem to be derived from startups.

In a startup, everything is possible—as long as you can code. If one has barely any idea about coding but wishes to build a startup, Purwadhika is where he or she should be. As a pioneering startup and coding school, Purwadhika facilitates their students in order for them to build full stack application or full stack web developer in startup companies.

Although they are all out about and for technology, Purwadhika does not solely depend on online promotion. They do adapt to technology, but they are not leaving behind the reality that offline or direct marketing still works. Through brochures and flyers, Purwadhika delivers information about their programs, workshops, and events. For every event held, they set up signage banners as well.

As recommended by a colleague, Purwadhika fully trusts their printing needs to Printerous. After they have experienced the Printerous services, it is true that the results are always fast, great, and of a high quality. After all, Purwadhika claimed that they satisfied with Printerous services.

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