The Heartwarming Illustrations of Big Bear and Bird

Sarah Ameeyo is the founder and illustrator of Big Bear and Bird, an illustration brand that delivers heartwarming animal character illustrations. She had a career as an accountant but left it behind in order to pursue her passion in watercolor art. Now let’s enjoy our chat with her!

What’s been keeping you busy these days?
Doing some customized pieces ordered by customers, preparing for several new products with my existing artworks.

Any hobbies?
Listening to piano instrumental music while drawing and sipping a cup of warm coffee early in the morning.

How long since you’ve started working in art and design?
I think since 2009, so it’s been 7 years.

Do you remember when did you start having passion in drawing?
I didn’t realize that I was good at drawing, really. When I was in high school, my teacher often asked me to be his assistant, and I also helped my classmates to do their drawing homework. Then I decided to take a drawing and art class when I was in the middle of my bachelor degree majoring in accounting. During summer break I also took art class, while all my friends were enjoying their summer holiday. After graduated, I tried an accounting job but then I quitted to take a master degree in art. Ever since that experience, I know that my passion lays in art and I’m really loving it to the bones!

How do you describe your artworks?
Heart-warming, earthy, organic, classic.

What makes your artworks unique?
I really like to draw cute animal figures that represent human.

What medium do you usually use?
Watercolor and sometimes digital. But mostly watercolor.

Why do you choose watercolor as your medium?
Back then in college, I took children book illustration as my major and we mostly used watercolor for the medium. So I was trained to use that medium and it also grew on me as time went by. The challenge is, people say that watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums. For me, I feel challenged to master the watercolor techniques. And FYI, there are so many watercolor techniques! But I’m glad because there is no limitation to keep studying and improving my painting skills.

Do you have any favorite artist?
David Christiana.

Where do you usually get inspiration?
Inspirations come from everywhere and anywhere. It depends on how creative your brain to digest and turn or apply whatever you see into something artsy and inspirational. For me personally, I usually get inspired by books, movies, and beautiful lyrics.

Where did you learn about graphic design and art?
California State University of Fullerton, Los Angeles, USA.

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
I love the concept of Printerous which creates a community for local artists. I personally think it’s very thoughtful to care about local artists, especially to promote their work in this society. Because of Printerous, I also can discover other talented artists, so we can develop and inspire each other as an artist. As for the products, I love the variety and the high quality prints!

Which artworks did you submit to Printerous?
Mostly watercolor illustration, with A-Z alphabetical animal illustrations. Why alphabets? Because I think it will be really handy and useful to give someone’s initials on cute products as gifts for our friends or loved ones.

What do you think about the development of local artists?
I think people start to notice local artists. And I see there are a lot of talented ones, but sadly they don’t get any exposure. Thank God now we have Printerous!

 Any plan for near future?
To expand my brand, to improve my painting skill, and to contribute more to the society with my artwork.

What’s your dream?
I’m dying to use my artwork for helping people and society. Especially children who are not able to go to school. At Printerous, me and Hanna Carol created an account called ‘Mutiara Bagi Raja’ and all of our profit will be donated to children in need. Wish us luck!

Who do you want to collaborate with? Anyone in mind?
Actually I really want to collaborate with writer, because one of my dreams is to make a children book. I don’t have any specific name in my mind right now.

Shoutouts to other fellow artists?
Keep on shining, keep on inspiring , and keep on supporting each other!


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