Travel Light Yet Stylish

The quickest possible way to ruin a holiday is to over-pack your suitcase. Yes, it’s tempting to plan for any possibility when you’re packing. But by the time you hop from planes to trains and buses you’ll hate all those clothes you packed ‘just in case’. Also, when you over pack then you’ll have no space left for souvenirs and local fashion finds!

So how to travel light yet stylish? Don’t worry, we have some tips for you.

Roll them up

Roll your clothes via The Kiwi Globe Trotter

Packing light requires that you maximize your luggage space by rolling up everything you are packing up. Roll them neatly and tightly to make your luggage light to carry. Pack as simple as possible, and don’t fall for stuffing some empty space left in your luggage.

Go for neutrals palette

Neutral colours via Mes Memos

A great way to ensure that your clothes will be easy to mix and match is to stick to a limited color palette. If you wish to play with colours, you should pick two tops and one bottom with warm and cool colours while the others should go in neutrals or nudes. These colours will keep you comfortable, cute and would work for whatever your plans are and could be when you get to your destination.

Pack one-piece outfits

Holiday retreat via Tuula

With one-piece outfits such as dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits, you will save a lot of space in your small luggage and still pack enough to keep you in style. Also, avoid packing outfits that would require you wearing more than three pieces at a time.

Two pairs of shoes is enough

Simple packing via Pack Lite

Yes, two pairs of shoes is enough. It is difficult but two pairs of shoes is all you need. You should wear flats for the journey and pack the other pair of shoes which should most preferably be heels in your luggage.

Buy travel-ready products

Travel size kit via Style & Sole

It is much more convenient to bring travel size products than to carry big bottles of your daily products. There are so many kinds of travel ready products that have multiple uses, from make-up and toiletry to more unique offerings like organic travel products, baby powder, and mini first-aid kits.

Packing light and looking gorgeous is not as difficult as you might think, so remember to keep it simple when you are preparing for your getaway. Grab your light luggages, enjoy your fully great adventure, snap your moments, and remember it for timeless keepsakes with Printerous!

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