Visually Colorful Creatures by Gunawan Lo

This visual artist from Jakarta, Gunawan Lo, explores the role of perception in everyday life. By placing colorful psychedelic cartoon creatures in a wide range of different scenes and settings, he enjoys creating perceptual shifts between character and context. Let’s know more about him and his art!

What’s been keeping you busy lately?
Working on my small studio, and doing design and illustration projects.

Any hobbies?
Travel, collecting toys, trying new hangout places, and listening to music.

When did you start working in art and design?
I think it’s been 9 years, from 2007.

Do you remember the beginning of your passion in drawing?
It began since I was a little kid! I don’t remember how it started but I already loved drawing back then. But I went deep on learning how to really draw and also learning about graphic design in college.

How do you describe your artworks?
They are mostly doodles, with whimsical feeling and some twists to make them more eye catching.

What makes them unique?
I don’t know if it’s unique or not, but a lot of people distinguish my artworks from the colorful and cute character, when they see it, it makes them happy.

What medium do you usually use? Why?
I like to mix old-fashioned medium and new medium, yes, manual drawing and digital. I usually do the sketch first, scanned it, and then add color to it using Adobe Photoshop. Because there’s this ‘raw’ element that you cannot get when you do everything digitally.

Who influences your art?
So many artists inpire and influence me. Some of them are Simone Legno, Jeremyville, Tado, Jon Burgerman, Nathan Juvernicus, Nara, and Murakami.

Where do you usually get inspiration?
From anywhere. Especially when I travel, it really gives me insights!

Have you taken part in exhibitions?
Yes, several times in Jakarta, Singapore, and also Malaysia.

Where did you learn about graphic design and art?
I learnt graphic design in college, I studied Visual Communication Design at Tarumanagara University. For illustration, I was self taught. I learnt it on internet!

What makes you join Printerous Artist Program?
Because Printerous helps me and other local artists to market our art, so this program is really worth to be appreciated and supported.

What do you like about Printerous?
The service! They provide a wide range of product variety and also they maintan the high quality. It ease us, as artists or even as customers.

What do you think about the development of local artists?
They are all totally awesome, and now so many events or place or movements that help local artists to develop their art and to market it. I think Printerous is one of these helping hands who really cares about local artists.

Any plan for near future?
Creating new artworks while traveling.

What’s your ultimate dream?
I wish to create a character that represents Indonesia, and can be known globally like Hello Kitty or Doraemon.

Who do you want to collaborate with? Anyone in mind?
Jon Burgerman. Because I love his all of his doodles, seems very free spirited!

Shoutouts to fellow artists?
Don’t listen to people, just do what you have to do. Remember that you do this to express yourself, not to impress others.

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