Why You Should Write Handwritten Letters to Your Friends

Nobody writes handwritten letters anymore. Not except it’s for people who can’t be
reached through technology, like probably your grandparents who do not own any gadget
at all. In this era where every message could be sent in just a second through online features
like e-mail or text messaging, handwritten letters seem to be so last year.

But you know what? Handwritten letters should never be erased out of human tradition,
not even with the presence of technology. In fact, the advancement of technology should
rather be one of the reasons why handwritten letters should not been abandoned. Why
exactly? Because the rarity of it makes a handwritten letter even more special. But is that
just the sole reason? No.

Remember how you used to write letters to Santa Claus to get your Christmas wish
granted? Or, imagine how family members who are separated with each other with limited
communication and no internet—such as immigrants or prisoners, could actually
communicate with their loved ones through handwritten letters. Yes, there’s power behind
these handwritten letters. The power of belief, the power of hope, the power of love.

And so, it goes the same for friendships too. Handwritten letters strengthen friendship, as it
takes up more emotions for both the writer and the reader of the letter. When someone
writes a down something using one’s own handwriting, it becomes so much more personal
and intimate than a typed message. It takes effort to write down using your own hand, as it
would some time make your hand tired. But, that’s where the sacrifice is. It is what makes
the handwritten letter special.


On a side note, handwritten letters could help if there are some things that you are hesitant
to say face to face. It gives you the courage you need to say to express what you really want
to say, without fearing how they would response right away. Handwritten letters take time
both to arrive and to be responded back. Before replying back, the receiver of the letter
would actually take time to think carefully about what to write, as opposed to online
messaging that could be replied back in no time. That way, unwanted responses that could
be detrimental for friendships could be avoided at best.

Not to mention the element of surprise in handwritten letters. The time needed for the
letters to arrive back and forth would create excitement, forcing you and your friend always
looking forward to what tomorrow might hold for your friendship.

Also, handwritten letters are timeless. Unlike digital messages that could be gone as easy as
deleting a chat conversation, handwritten letters could be kept, looked back at, and re-read
again. It can even be passed down to generations, igniting memorable stories to be told.
The reasons above should make you consider writing handwritten letters to your friends. If
you do, don’t forget to send the letter together with a photo of you and your friends to
make it even more meaningful. Happy writing!

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