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The estimated completion date is listed on each product page. Thank you for your understanding.

Greeting Cards

Share your appreciation to your dear client and customers with a greeting card. Print your greeting card with hundreds of free design template choices.

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  • Upload your own design.
  • If you don't have a design, pick one from our free design templates selections.
  • Edit the design with our online design editor that makes it easy for you to design and beautify your printing products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Printerous

What is the minimum amount of my order for greeting cards?

You should order at the very minimum 100 pieces.

How long until I receive my order of greeting cards?

Your order will be delivered to you within 2-3 workdays.

What are the sizes available for greeting cards?

Available are the sizes A5 (14.8 x 21 cm) and A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) for greeting cards.

Print Greeting Cards at Low Prices | Printerous

Print greeting card online cheap and easy for Eid Mubarak, Christmas, Mother's Day, Birth of a Baby, Graduation and Birthday in Printerous

Print Greeting Cards Online at Low Prices 
Print online greeting cards with standard and premium materials only at Printerous. Cheap and affordable prices to get the best quality greeting cards. Printing online greeting cards can be done anytime and anywhere, saving time. Print on Printerous is also a quick and practical solution for getting greeting cards with the latest printing technology. Now greeting cards for clients are easily available without the need to queue at the printing press.

Common types of greeting cards to give
Greeting cards are generally given for certain celebrations or expressions of events. Many holidays using greeting cards are Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Vesak, New Year, and Chinese New Year. In addition, greeting cards are also given to commemorate company birthdays, congratulations, thanksgiving for birth or achievement, and a form of appreciation. To make it easier to choose greeting card designs, Printerous has greeting card templates for special days such as Eid, New Year, and Chinese New Year. This greeting card template is available free and can be used and modified in shape, color and writing.

How to make greeting cards easily and quickly
Approaching the feast it is difficult to find a printer that is open 24 hours, the easiest way is to use Printerous to print greeting cards online. In Printerous greeting card printing is as easy as choosing a design, determining the material, entering the shipping destination, and making a payment. There are various choices of banks that work together for payments as well as various shipping options. The sending option can be selected after entering the destination address. By printing greeting cards online, the time you should spend going to the printing press can be transferred to other preparations ahead of the feast.

The size and materials of greeting card that must be acknowledged
It is important to note that greeting cards can be printed with various materials and sizes to adjust to the conditions and time of administration. Material for the standard greeting card is Art Carton 210, 250, 260, and 310 gsm, and BW 250 gsm. While the material for premium greeting cards is splendorgel 270 gsm, fancy via bright white 298 gsm linen, felt 298 gsm, everyday smooth bright, fancy eggshell mohawk 270 gsm, constelation snow, raster, and via satin. Open size greeting cards also vary from A4, A5, A6, A7, and other square size sizes. Greeting cards can be printed on one side or two sides with matte, glossy or without lamination. In general, greeting cards do fold 2 with openings up or to the side, but can also be made without folds for a simpler impression. Finishing that can be chosen also varies from polly, emboss, and deboss.