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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Printerous

How long until I receive my order of ID Cards?

Your company ID Cards will be delivered to you within 5-8 workdays.

What is the least amount of my order for company ID Cards at Printerous?

You should order at the very minimum 25 pieces.

Why print online at Printerous?

Printerous enables the process of ordering to be done online in only a few clicks. We have a wide collection of design templates, and of course, utmost quality is guaranteed for the final product.

Online Custom ID Card Printing | Printerous

Print your own custom id card online fast and easy for your business with various choice of specification only in Printerous Business.

Print ID cards online at Printerous at cheap, fast and easy prices.
At Printerous, you can print online ID Cards with a small minimum order. Print ID Card printing quality is the best because it uses selected materials and printing technology. For those who need an online ID Card design, you can check in our portfolio to complete the design of the online ID card.

Print ID card online at Printerous with a choice of various materials and sides.
For company needs, employee ID cards have many functions and types, including ID cards using barcodes, NFC and others. ID cards can also be printed on one side or two sides, in general, the company prints two sides to provide a lot of information on the employee's identity card. Employee ID cards usually have some information on them, usually, there is a company logo, employee name, position, division and NIK. If the ID card is printed on two sides, on the second side, it usually displays information about the function of the ID card and contacts that can be contacted if the identity card is lost or damaged.

Print ID card cheap and online at Printerous from various regions in Indonesia.
Printing a cheap ID card can be done online so we don't have to spend money on going to a printing shop. Printerous reach every region in Indonesia for identity card printing needs, the area covered in Indonesia starts from the Jabodetabek area, covering Jakarta which consists of North Jakarta, East Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta and Central Jakarta, then there are Depok, Tangerang and Bogor. There are various other regions such as Surabaya, Bandung, Sidoarjo, Banten, Makassar, Bali - Denpasar, Banjarmasin, Medan, Palembang, Semarang, Manado and other regions.

The size of the ID Card that can be selected at Printerous.
Before printing the ID Card online, you need to acknowledge the size of the regular ID Card. The first ID card size is 85.60 xx 53.98 mm with 2,88 x 3,48mm rounded side. This size usually used for banking necessity such as ATM card, credit card, public transportation card and member card. The ID Card size for passport and visa is 125 x 88mm. This ID Card size is selected by company needs, every company has its own standard ID card size.

ID Card strap to complete personal branding of company employees.
ID Card strap or commonly called a lanyard is used to connect the ID card so that it can be used daily by company employees. ID Card strap or lanyard is a multi-functional rope that is usually used to hang items in the neck, both ID cards, cellphones, keys and so on. There are various types of ropes for ID cards, including the glossy polyster strap, sarong strap (tube), reflective strap, tissue strap (tissue), polyester doff strap.