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Selling plain 3 layer cloth masks online at low prices at Printerous

Buy a plain 3-layer cloth mask with a variety of material color choices at Printerous. Economical cloth mask with 3 layers of comfortable fabric. 24 hour online ordering. Delivery throughout Indonesia

Choice of Plain Cloth Masks 
Cloth masks exist when the need for masks is increasing. Apart from cloth masks, there are also other types of masks, such as scuba masks. Cloth masks are made of combed cotton, currently printing plain cloth masks are starting to be popular because other than for health reasons, they also make the appearance of cloth masks more fashionable. 

Material & Size of Plain Cloth Mask From Printerous 
Printerous makes plain cloth masks from cotton combed 30s with an additional 4mm rubber strap. Combed cotton is a material that is flexible, strong and comfortable to wear, of course, coupled with a rubber strap that makes this cloth mask more practical to use. The size of the cloth mask itself is 22 cm x 12.5 cm. There are 10 basic colors available for plain cloth masks. Printerous provides a sewing finish so that the quality of this cloth mask is stronger and better. 

Get Plain Cloth Masks Online at Printerous 
Going to a printing shop just to buy a mask will certainly be very troublesome, especially if the distance from your home or office is quite far from the printing place. At Printerous, you only need to upload, choose the specifications of your cloth mask and also determine how many masks you bought, then enter your shipping address and make a payment. After all these steps are completed, you just stay silent and wait for your plain cloth mask to be sent by Printerous. Very efficient, right? 

Buy a plain cloth mask anywhere and anytime 
Printerous has a delivery range throughout Indonesia. Printerous provides a plain cloth mask delivery service for those of you in various areas such as North Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, Tangerang, Bintaro, Depok, Bogor, Bandung, Garut, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang. Outside of Java, we also cover areas such as Bali, Lombok, NTB, NTT, Medan, Banda Aceh, Lampung, Palembang, Batam, Padang, Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Manado, Maluku, Papua and other areas. From various regions, you can buy plain cloth masks online at Printerous. 

Buy Fast & Economical Rope Cloth Masks 
Printerous guarantees you to be able to enjoy fast and precise service in every process of making plain cloth masks, in addition to pricing starting from Rp.6,100 per plain cloth mask, Printerous proves that quality plain mask printing can also be obtained at very friendly prices. 

How to use the correct plain cloth mask 
Wash your hands before wearing the mask, make sure your hands are hygienic. Make sure the size of the mask you are wearing matches your face shape so it is not too loose or too tight. For maximum protection, you can cover the mask with a tissue on the inside of the mask. Remove the mask from the back of the strap. Don't touch the front of the mask. After use, wash the mask with soap & warm water without rubbing it, in the sun until the mask is dry again. 

Plain cloth mask designs with various colors at Printerous 
Printerous provides 10 basic colors or fabric mask material colors. Namely misty gray, blue, dark green, black, yellow, maroon, red, navy, orange, and white cloth masks.

Why Buy Plain Cloth Masks at Printerous 
Printerous always provides convenience in ordering cloth mask products. There are options for printed cloth masks and plain cloth masks. Low prices with 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent service. Wide delivery range, definite quality products, 24-hour online order and ease of ordering. You just have to choose the product you want, make a payment and finally wait for your plain cloth mask order to arrive.