Print Mica Bento Label Stickers Economical Choice of Branding Packaging

Print mica bento label stickers for your bento packaging. A careful choice for custom branding in bento packaging. Print mica bento label stickers online at Printerous

Print Mika Bento Label Stickers The mica bento label sticker is a label sticker for bento box packaging, and is an economical choice for branding because simply by printing the label sticker you can print your business logo on the mica bento box packaging. This sticker is very special because it is designed for bento box packaging labels, besides that the mica bento label stickers are made of quality materials and are suitable for printing custom sticker labels. The printout of this custom mica bento label sticker sticks perfectly so you don't have to be afraid to peel off. Mika Bento Label Sticker Material Mica bento label stickers are made from economical materials. The label sticker material uses a chromo sticker or vinyl sticker type. Chromo stickers are an economical sticker choice with shiny and slippery characteristics, but these types of stickers are less water and oil resistant. Then there are vinyl type stickers, namely stickers that have a smoother surface and are also more waterproof and oil resistant. In general, the label sticker specifications offered by Printerous are the most complete and best specifications and of course are offered at economical prices. What are you waiting for, print your mica bento label sticker now.