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Print All New Normal Needs Online at Printerous

Meet new normal needs by printing masks, face shields, temperature check cards & floor stickers. With guaranteed satisfaction and quality, enjoy the ease of printing on Printerous.

What is New Normal?

New normal is a new order to adapt to COVID-19. This new normality is a time where people can certainly do activities by implementing strict health protocols. New normal aims to keep the economic wheels running, and also the pandemic can be overcome.

Equipment When New Normal.

New normal is a time when compulsory health protocols are applied, which are wearing a mask, wearing a face shield, keeping a distance, and others. Therefore, both entrepreneurs and individuals, need to equip themselves with equipment suitable for new normal.

Scuba Masks For Self Protection.

Masks are very important items for self-protection from viruses. The types of masks vary from surgical masks to cloth masks. And masks that are currently very popular are scuba masks. Printerous provides Scuba Masks with a variety of choices, namely plain scuba masks with a choice of black, white, gray, and navy color. Then there are also scuba prints that are suitable for you who want to print your company logo.

Maximize Face Protection with Face Shield.

Face shield is an APD that serves to protect the face from splashing droplets or dust. Face shields must be used by employees of restaurants, malls, or other public places so that they not only protect themselves but also visitors. Printerous provides 2 kinds of face shield, namely plain face shield, and face shield print. Face shield printing allows you to print your company logo on face shield stickers.

Ensure Employees are Healthy With a Temperature Check Card.

A temperature check card is useful for recording employee temperature conditions so that employee health is monitored. With this card we can show consumers that our business always prioritizes health. This card is made of high quality materials and Printerous again provides a variety of choices namely standard temperature measuring cards and premium temperature measuring cards.

Stay Safe By Maintaining Distances Between Customers Using Floor Stickers.

Floor stickers are stickers to mark the floor so that consumers can find a safe distance. This sticker makes it easy for people to keep their distance to avoid exposure to the virus. Printerous provides 2 choices of standard floor stickers and premium floor stickers, both of which are made of quality materials and have strong adhesion. Besides, the printout was very good.

Grow Your Business With Printerous.

Equipping your business with new normal equipment above indicates that your business always prioritizes health and safety factors. In addition, promote your business by printing your brand and company logo on each Printerous printed product.

Why Print on Printerous.

Printerous is a trusted print partner who is very experienced. Enjoy the convenience of printing new normal products at Printerous with a variety of product variants that you can make according to your needs. With quality materials and materials that have gone through a rigorous quality control process. And also 100% satisfaction guarantee Printerous always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Product Delivery Services Throughout Indonesia.

The range of Printerous product delivery services covers all regions of Indonesia, order new normal equipment for your business is cheaper available in various cities in Indonesia including East Jakarta, West Jakarta, North Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, Jelambar, Benhil, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bintaro , Sudirman, Kuningan, Kelapa Gading, Pondok Indah, Jatinegara, Tebet, Depok, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar - Bali, Medan, Malang, Semarang, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Manado and others. Printerous reaches all major islands in Indonesia, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua.

Printerous Pro, a New Normal Equipment Printing Solution for Your Business.

Printerous presents Printerous Pro for an online solution for printing services for new normal equipment for your business. With just a few simple steps, you can fulfill all your business lunch box printing needs. The advantages of Printerous Pro are the fixed price for a 1 year subscription period. Distribution reaches all over Indonesia, invoice payment method at the end of the month, editor design, multiple billing & shipping for delivery to various addresses, dedicated account teams. With offers as needed, PRO Basic, Pro Plus, and Pro Enterprise. Printerous Pro has trusted and satisfied hundreds of clients with various business lines. You can be one now. Meet the needs of printing new normal equipment for your business online at Printerous Pro.

Order Your New Normal Equipment Anywhere and Anytime.

By buying products online, it makes it easy for you to meet the printing needs for your business in the midst of your busy life. You just have to connect to the internet, open your laptop or smartphone, and order new normal equipment according to your needs. Grow your business immediately with Printerous now.