Sell Plain Paper Bowl, At Low Price with High Quality Food Grade Material

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Pack Food With High Quality Plain Paper BowlsPlain paper bowl is one type of packaging made from food grade paper in the shape of a bowl. Plain paper bowl measuring 27 Oz. Plain paper bowls are packaged in the shape of a bowl with the option of an additional cover on top so that plain paper bowls are suitable for soup foods such as fruit soup, soup, and others. At Printerous, there are 3 types of paper bowls, namely plain paper bowls, sticker paper bowls, and printed paper bowls.Food Grade Material For Plain Paper BowlFood grade paper is food packaging material made from the best choice of paper that does not transfer toxins or hazardous materials to food under any circumstances, including when the food is hot. This food grade material ensures that the food stored will remain safe for consumption both hot and cold. Safe Food Grade material according to health standards to package & maintain food quality.