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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Printerous

Why print polo shirts online at Printerous?

Printerous enables the process of ordering to be done online in only a few clicks. We have a wide collection of design templates, and of course, utmost quality is guaranteed for the final product.

What is the minimum amount of my order for polo shirts?

There are 3 pcs minimum order for printing with embroidery method and 40 pcs minimum order with polyflex method.

How long until I receive my order of polo shirt?

Your polo shirt order will be delivered to you within 5-7 working days.

Print Polo Shirts at Low Prices | Printerous

Print your own custom polo shirt online fast and easy for your brand company with various choice of size only in Printerous Business.

Print Polo Shirts Online at Low Prices 
Print the closest custom polo shirt only at Printerous. With online t-shirt printing not only saves time, but also costly to come to the printing shop. Polo shirt printing in Printerous can be done anywhere and anytime for 24 hours; morning, afternoon or evening. Get the best price by ordering in large quantities. Custom polo shirts online with the best service and use quality materials only at Printerous. With the fast delivery service, Printerous ensures that your polo shirt orders arrive at their destination on time.

Various printing techniques and custom polo shirt

Custom polo shirts online with lacoste cotton material can be printed in 4 size variants, namely XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Besides being able to print two front and back sides, you can also print 4 sides, for the right and left arms. The polo shirt printing technique is the same as t-shirt printing in general, namely manual screen printing, DTG print, and embroidery. With manual screen printing, polo shirts will produce the highest quality standards. DTG Print is used for those of you who need a polo shirt in a short time because of the fast manufacturing process. Whereas embroidery gives durable print results and prices vary depending on the number of colors used.

How to print custom polo shirts quickly and easily
Print custom polo shirts with fancy designs are now even easier through Printerous. The need for polo shirt printing for events, offices, and merchandise is available in various materials, colors and sizes. At Printerous, polo shirt printing can be done on a computer and can be done at any time. The method is enough to upload your own design, select specifications and quantities, then make a payment, within the specified time the Polo shirt will be sent to your place. Shipping services can be selected to suit your needs, if you need a polo shirt in the near future you can use fast delivery. Needing a fast polo shirt is now easier with messages via Printerous.