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Print custom thinwall rectangles with additional branding stickers. Print online 24 hours with a 100% satisfaction guarantee & delivery coverage throughout Indonesia

Sell Rectangle Thinwall with Sticker Online at PrinterousFor the purposes of packaging the culinary business, the most appropriate choice is to print food packaging at Printerous. There are various kinds of food packaging with various types and shapes of materials. For example, paper lunch boxes, paper bowls, food pails, and thinwall. You can freely choose food packaging that is suitable for your culinary business or your needs.Food Packaging FunctionFood packaging can be differentiated based on the function of use, for example, for food with soup you can use a paper bowl, with food grade material that is leak-proof, then for bento food there is a paper bento box, environmentally friendly packaging. In addition, food packaging can be used for food delivery packaging, because this packaging is safe in maintaining food quality.Food Packaging MaterialsPrinterous always prioritizes quality in each of its products, besides that the materials Printerous uses are definitely environmentally friendly materials. Foodgrade paper or other materials used are food packaging materials that are safe for health. Apart from materials, printerous provides a wide selection of specifications that you can adjust to your food packaging needs. Various choices of types and sizes, as well as custom printing or plain packaging are all available. What are you waiting for, Print your food packaging needs at Printerous now.